Content is the ‘face’ of your company.  And the appropriate and inappropriate use of content, much like in real life, tells a lot about the person (or in this case business) behind the scenes. Ill-chosen content will show off the good the bad and the ugly of your business. It is therefore important not to neglect content, as it goes hand-in-hand with your business value. How do you ensure that you build your value through content rather than achieve the opposite?


Understand brand reach

The difference between traditional marketing and online marketing is that while a flyer’s ink may fade or a newspaper may be used to package or wash windows – online content is always there. Yes, you can delete posts, but if it has been shared, it will still be out there for years to come. Understanding this principal will help you realise that you need to define your brand clearly with each content post you make. Thinking this through, and posting comment that build brands value will ultimately contribute to your business value.


Connect with your client

Having an online presence automatically connects you with your client in real time. Whether it is after hours or on a public holiday (when you are not open), your client has access to your business online. This is great if your content provides the information required by the client at that moment. If your content lacks in ‘meat’ or does not take into consideration the questions your customer may have, you miss a potential opportunity for business. Your content strategy can therefore help determine what kind of content you would need to speak to your target audience and provide them with the information they need without asking you. Also take into consideration on social media platforms you need to plan how you handle questions, complaints and comments timeously and satisfactorily. It is quite evident that a well-planned content strategy could add great value to your business.



Website traffic

The bottom line of content is of course to sell products. And to do so, you need to push traffic through your website. And there is more than enough evidence that shows well-thought out content, posted on the right platforms, with the right targeting has a direct impact on your website traffic. Calls to action, engaging content and content that relates to what you are selling are guaranteed to increase traffic and ultimately increased potential for sales. And of course this is the ultimate in business value increase.



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