Content Strategy and Content Marketing, these concepts sound like potato, ‘po-tah-to’, however they are in fact two very different things. Let’s go back to our definition of Content Marketing.


We agreed that Content Marketing is content created to communicate a message to a target audience. This content has to educate, inform and entertain this audience. The result needs to be visible in your company’s profit.  It is a form of marketing and has everything to do with strengthening the relationship between your company and your client, on an online platform, with the help of content. And Content Marketing therefore involves the creation of relevant content.

The Content Strategy lays out the plans of how the content will be created. It can be described as the blueprint to your content creation. Or as Kristina Halvorson summarizes it:  “the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” It asks the ‘what’ you need in terms of content (from actual content to persons employed to create the content); where this content will be published, by whom; how often and why.

What this means in practice is that the content strategy tells you how to create the content you need. Then content marketing rolls out the plan by creating and posting the content on various platforms. The following quote from Erin Kissane’s book – the Elements of Content Strategy says it all: Content strategy is to copywriting as information architecture is to design.” Rachel Lovinger.


Therefore while it seems good enough to create excellent content, it is extremely important to manage the content from step one, in order to gain the most out of your content marketing. And this is where a good content strategy is vital.


And if you are still confused – don’t fret. We are able to help you with both your Content Marketing and Strategy, making sure your content ‘building’ is not only strong, but creative too.

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