Online marketing services play an important role in helping your business’ online presence stand out. Sadly it is often overlooked due to commonly accepted myths. Here are 7 myths about online marketing services that could change your perspective completely:

1. I can do it myself

Online marketing probably can be tackled in-house, but would probably be less efficient. A competitive marketing strategy does not only include the website, a blog and social media platforms. An online marketing strategist keeps up with the trends, understands the importance of online marketing and can provide excellent tools to ensure your company excels on the Internet, whilst tracking your progress relatively accurately.


2.  Only large companies can afford Online Marketing services

Small companies often feel that they simply cannot afford Internet Marketing services.  The reality is, that online marketing is more efficient than traditional print advertising, with higher return on investment. An online marketing campaign can also generate targeted business leads, with sales results that are tracked more efficiently.  So perhaps reconsider your costs by looking at results.


3.  Only online-based companies need digital marketing 

No matter the kind of company you own or are involved with, or what position you are, you have to offer a presence online. If you are not visible, your company may as well not exist.


4.  Online marketing services are a waste of time

You may think you are wasting your time and money on online marketing services. But look at it this way – if you are unsure of what you are doing and consequently do not see results, you are actually wasting your time and money –in other words it is quite the opposite of being expensive and the services are known to offer a high return on investment rate.


5.  Re-use content

Once I have a base of content – I can just reuse existing content, can’t I? No! For your online presence to be efficient and acknowledged, there is nothing more important than quality content.  Your target audience has to be interested in your content or they will move on. Through providing them with content that speaks to their interest, you are sure keep existing customers satisfied and potentially draw new customers. In essence, do not under-estimate your audience and post content for the sake of posting content.


6.  SEO can be outsmarted

You may be intelligent, but the employees at Google are extremely intelligent too. It is not as simple as repeating the key words in your copy. And that is why even if you think you are outsmarting SEO, you are (possibly) wrong! Also keep in mind that if Google picks up on an attempt to ‘cheat’ with SEO, your website or blog will be penalised, which is not ideal. Instead of worrying about SEO, let the experts prepare content that is useful to your market and refresh regularly – SEO performance will be a natural result.


7.  More traffic equals more business

It is always good to have lots of ‘feet’ or traffic through a website, but much like in shops – if  ‘feet’ do not convert to sales, they mean nothing, In the same way, your content can draw people, but if you do not target your audience correctly, you end up with ‘window’ shoppers. This is where online media marketing experts can help – to target the correct audience in an efficient way.


With these 7 myths busted, you may want to reconsider how you feel about online marketing services.  Comment and let us know which of these myths have been factors in your business and what changes you have made in order to succeed with your online marketing.


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