Using Social Media for marketing is a clever strategy. You have access to a targeted audience throughout their daily life. But for it to be worth the time and money, you have to set goals that contribute to your business and show return on investment.  Here are some social media marketing goals and ideas for your small business.



There are of course many ways to tackle Social Media, but it is always a good idea to look at what the expert say. Social Media experts like John Haydon and Christ Brogan refer to what is called the SMART way to set goals. SMART summarizes the following guidelines:

Simple:  Your goals should be simple

M – easurable. Define how you will measure your goals. Once you have decided your metrics to measure success (such as increase in likes, website visits etc), you can choose the tools required to follow these metrics.

Attainable Make sure your goals are attainable. Being realistic with your goals means letting them grow with the online presence of your business. Start out small in order to see trackable growth, and adjust them as your business grows.

R elevant. There is no use for social media marketing goals if they are will not contribute to your general marketing goals. They have to be relevant to your business and contribute to your business objectives.

T – ime is important. You cannot set goals without aligning them with a time-line. This helps you to track your progress and evaluate whether you need to adjust your goals.



Using these guidelines, you can now set your general social media marketing goals. The following goals address the general problems that businesses would like to solve through using Social Media:

  • Growing brand awareness
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Seeing a growth in sales
  • Retaining customers


And Go…

These goals form a great base for a business starting up on social media.

After you’ve set goals that align with your business marketing strategy and tick all the boxes of SMART, you can set Key Performance Indicators that are used to track your progress.

For more tips on setting marketing goals and KPI’s, you can read  ‘How to set strategic goals for your social media strategy’ by Evan LePage or scroll through the following Slideshare presentation by Kathryn Gritzmacher.  Also consult with us and we will guide you through the process, and even track and report on your business’ progress on Social Media.

Social media is used to achieve a number of marketing goals, comment and let us know which goals have been easier or more difficult to achieve and what strategies you are adopting during 2016 to reach those more challenging marketing goals.

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  1. Businesses need to start realising that social media marketing is all about building relationships and interacting with ones audience.

    People buy from people – They no longer like being sold to.

    I’m getting a little fed up of accepting connection requests and the first thing they do is send me a sales pitch.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We agree. Unfortunately for businesses who uses push marketing tactics on social media, sadly they have misunderstood the concept of social media marketing and have further lost the opportunity to build a relationship that eventually converts customers.

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