We place your marketing and sales ad campaigns in front of a relevant audience via Google PPC and social media ads.

online advertising offerings include:


Whether you’re introducing a new product to the market, educating your customers on your brand, building brand loyalty or driving online sales; our digital advertising services allows you to reach a targeted audience in a cost-effective and measurable way via Google and Social Media paid ads.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When comparing online advertising to print, tv, billboard or radio advertising, digital advertising outperforms in 3 main areas:

  • It’s ability to target your ideal customer, therefore not showing your ads to the wrong audience;
  • From a cost-effective perspective your business only pays for impressions or clicks on your ads therefore making online advertising more cost-effective than any other platform; and
  • offers measurable results and insights for reporting purposes too.

Online advertising costs will vary from one company and industry to the next and will depend upon a number of factors, including your budget.  Advertising platforms such Facebook and Google price ads based on an auction system where your ads will compete for impressions and/or clicks based on bid and performance.  Our recommendation is to set aside a fixed amount for advertising costs and to implement a digital advertising strategy that would best suit your budget.  Our management fee is charged separately to your advertising budget.

Yes it is and has been proven over and over within and across multiple businesses and industries.  A simple exercise that you can perform is to conduct your own research.  If a number of your competitors are doing well and are running ads, then so should you.  Not competing in the same areas as your competitors may be harming your business.

Your advertising budget will determine what strategies can be implemented.  For a small advertising budget, a simple advertising strategy will be implemented, whilst a larger budget will allow for more complex and competitive strategies.  Each strategy will produce different results.

These are images and/or videos that are used to communicate your marketing or sales ad campaign to your ideal audience across the different digital platforms.  We offer these creative services in the event that you are unable to produce these media assets for your campaigns.


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