We will optimize your website and implement on-going SEO strategies that will attract a relevant audience to your website and to increase the opportunities for conversions.

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As a marketing and SEO Agency, our primary goals are to increase your business visibility within Google Search Engine Results Pages; attract a relevant and targeted audience, build credibility and influence for your brand in order to create opportunities for increased lead generation and sales.

Our SEO services incorporates technical SEO through to on-page, off-page SEO strategies and blog content development.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO or Search Engine Optimization are activities and processes that work to optimize your website so that your ideal customer finds you through their Google or Bing searches.  

SEO has numerous benefits, the main benefits are attracting a relevant audience to your website when they are in the mindset of searching for or ready to buy your product or service; other benefits include ranking your website organically and attracting quality leads to your website, as opposed to paid advertising to achieve the same outcome.

SEO is a long-term and on-going strategy which requires a long-term marketing investment in order to rank your website, maintain ranking or compete for ranking purposes.  The benefits of SEO might only be seen from 2 – 4 months into your SEO strategy.

There are three focused areas within SEO which require attention.

1. Technical SEO  considers the architecture of your website and whether search engine bots can make sense of it, crawl through every page of your website for indexing purposes;

2.  On-Page SEO optimization which considers the content on your website and optimizing the content, including writing SEO blog content to target audience, keywords and to educate search engines such as Google for their indexing purposes. 

3.  Off-Page SEO looks at other strategies that take place outside of your website to build authority and ranking for your website.

We recommend not skimping on your SEO budget, but setting an annual budget for the year.  Unfortunately one budget will not fit all, given that it depends on the type of business (e-commerce or other); how keywords you’d like to target for website ranking purposes to the competition for those keywords; your SEO on-page and off-page strategies.  Our recommended minimum client SEO budget starts from R5,000 per month, excl. VAT.

SEO is a long-term strategy and ranking on the first page of Google / Bing will take time.  However you should start to see the benefits of SEO as early as 3 – 4 months in the form of relevant traffic to your website.

There are various ways to measure whether your SEO activities are successful, for example:

  1. Ranking of your website within search engines
  2. Search Engine Results Page Visiblity
  3. Keyword ranking and performance over time
  4. Average Time spent on your website
  5. Bounce rate
  6. Number of traffic to your website through organic search
  7. Click through rate
  8. Technical aspects such as page speed

Both SEO and Online Advertising, such as Google Search Ads or Display ads are beneficial to business, both have their pros and cons.  Whilst SEO is a long-term strategy, your display and paid search ads will attract traffic to your website immediately.  This does not mean that you should not invest in SEO.  The difference is that when you stop paying for ads, you will no longer receive targeted traffic to your website; whereas if you pause SEO activities for a while and you will still receive the benefit of SEO and attract a relevant audience to your website. 

Yes.  With more businesses coming online everyday, your competitors may want to outrank your website in order to attract more traffic, and increase opportunities for conversions and sales.  The goal is to rank on page 1 of Google and to maintain ranking once you do.  This is however not always guaranteed depending on competitor activities to rank, as well as any algorithm updates and changes by search engines.


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