We design and develop standard, custom-built and e-commerce websites to meet your business admin, marketing and sales needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every business has unique requirements.  In most cases some require websites with additional or custom functionality – for example having a multi-lingual website, backend login to store private marketing materials to online shopping and paperless forms; some require more or less pages.  Very seldom is there a standard website which is why one size and price does not fit all.  We prefer to understand your needs in order to provide you with a realistic cost estimate.

Once your website needs are understood, our estimate cost are determined by the number of standard pages to be designed and developed, along with any special or custom functionalities to be developed.  Our costs are further influenced by whether we are to create and produce content (the words, images, videos) for your website or whether you will provide this content.

Simply put, a responsive website scales, adjusts and looks good on different screen sizes.  In other words, we optimize your website to look good on popular and standard desktop, mobile and tablet screen sizes.

  1. Your budget.  Knowing your budget ahead of time will help us determine how best to meet your needs within your budget.  
  2. Content.  The majority of websites are delayed because content is not available for it.  Content refers to the words, images, videos etc for every single page of your website.  You would need to provide us with the content in the correct formats, alternatively we offer content creation as an optional extra service.
  3. UI & UX Design. We offer this service as an optional extra.  UI & UX explores how best to set up your website for a) a better user-experience, b) the creation of conversion pathways which influences your conversion goals.  UI & UX contribute towards positive SEO ranking factors and influences your bottom line.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We offer this service as an optional extra. SEO helps Google index and understand your website; and helps attract a relevant audience to your website. 

This depends on many factors such as how small or big your website is; whether special functionality is being developed and whether your content is provided timeously.  We manage your expectations throughout the project to provide you with estimate launch dates.




Complete and submit your website brief and we’ll respond with an cost estimate as soon as possible.